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【桜井木穂(Kiho Sakurai)】オホーツク生まれの“豪雪バスト”グラドルが八丈島の大自然で躍動!1st写真集「うたかたの」メイキング映像#3



[Kiho Sakurai] Okhotsk-born “heavy snow bust” gravure is lively in the great nature of Hachijojima! 1st photo book “Utakatano” making video

Gravure Kiho Sakurai who attracted attention with the tagline of “Heavy snow bust” born in Okhotsk. Her 102cm I-cup exploding body swept the gravure magazines and became a leader in the scene. In the first photo book, the grassland overlooking the sea, the comfortable scent of tatami mats, and the coast made of waterfalls and lava are lively. Encountering her is like a dream that disappears like bubbles.