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【伊藤舞雪(Mayuki Ito)】圧倒的な美貌!メーカー看板のトップ女優が彼氏にしか見せない素の表情を・・・・最新写真集「Private」メイキング映像#3



[Mayuki Ito] Overwhelming beauty! The top actress of the maker’s signboard shows her bare expression only to her boyfriend… the latest photo book “Private” making video

A body that draws a beautiful curve, and an overwhelming beauty. Maiyuki Ito, also known as “Mayukichi”, who now reigns as the top actress on the maker’s billboard, chose “Mayyuki and a trip for two” as the theme of this work. Not to mention the glossy and cool appearance so far, it’s a must-see for the bare expression that you can only show to your boyfriend!