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【姉セーラー】平嶋夏海が7回目の姉セーラー登場!幼なじみがこんなにキレイになっていたらどうする? 2023年2月3日発売『アサ芸Secret!Vol.80』#4





[Sister Sailor] Natsumi Hirashima appears as a sister sailor for the 7th time! What would you do if your childhood friend was so beautiful? On sale February 3, 2023 “Asa-gei Secret! Vol.80』

Nacchan, who has appeared for the 7th time. This time, 4 patterns of private, anime, super mini, and royal road will be shown. The fact that all of them suit her too well is indeed a “child of sister Sailor”. Please enjoy the world view of a childhood friend who met after a long time and became too beautiful.